gold and diamonds export from West Africa (Liberia) to Dubaï is our speciality.
We also provide diamond export, gold export and security escort for precious metals



Gold export services West Africa
Diamond export services West Africa
From West Africa to Duabai
Gold and diamonds safe transport

Gold export services

We provide secure export from West Africa (Liberia), Guinea and Ghana to Dubaï.

Gold extraction service

We provide precious metals and diamonds extraction from our own mines located in Liberia.

Diamond export services and purchase

We safely deliver diamonds from west Africa to Dubai Europe and USA
We also purchase diamonds CIF.

Precious metals security escort

Our experienced team safely transport precious metals from Guinea Liberia and Ghana  to your preferred destination.


Are you looking for a company to safely provide or transport your precious metals from West Africa to Dubaï ?
EDS Protection team of highly skilled and trained professionals will provide you the best possible services for securing your gold, diamonds and precious metals transportation. Our mines are located in Guinea (West Africa).

eds protection
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